Welcome to KETO!!

The “Rozie’s Food Love” line of pre-packaged, take-home foods is perfect for those who are following a KETO diet. All products are made by hand at Rozie’s Café in Port Dalhousie.

Generally speaking, KETO foods are high in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbohydrates. Our products do not contain gluten and they do not contain sugar, so many people who are sensitive to gluten or who cannot consume sugar are also enjoying our foods! (Please note: Our facility is not a gluten-free or sugar-free facility, but we take every care to ensure that our Keto foods don’t come into contact with either of those ingredients).

We also offer a number of KETO options on our eat-in menu. If you are following a KETO lifestyle, Rozie’s is a great place to shop at for delicious eats and treats to enjoy along the way!